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  • Battle for Rokugan
  • Battle for Rokugan
  • Battle for Rokugan
  • Battle for Rokugan

Battle for Rokugan

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Battle for Rokugan


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Rokugan is a land filled with spirit, beauty, and strife. In Battle for Rokugan, you and your friends will each take the role of a daimyō, a strong and wise leader who fights for territory and honor in the name of their clan.

Daimyō place their forces secretly, keeping their battle plans hidden from their opponents. Each daimyō has clan-specific abilities and forces to bring to the fray, and they can call upon loyal samurai, agile scouts, or magic-wielding shugenja to bolster their strategies.

Strength, cunning, and wisdom pave yoru path to success. The most honorable daimyō will win the day. The land is there for the taking in Battle for Rokugan!


  • 1 Game Board
  • 7 Daimyō Screens
  • 10 Scout Cards
  • 5 Shugenja Cards
  • 22 Territory Cards
  • 10 Initiative Cards
  • 1 First Player Card
  • 12 Secret Objective Cards
  • 189 Combat Tokens
  • 210 Control Tokens
  • 15 Peace Tokens
  • 15 Scorched Earth Tokens
  • 11 Special Tokens
  • 1 Round Track Token



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