Glasgow’s Independent Geek Store

Opening its doors to Glasgow, Scotland in June of 2014 Geek-Aboo took on the task of opening up the Glasgow’s geek market to a whole new audience. With a growth in popularity of the Marvel & DC Comics movie series’ and the ever increasing success of programs like The Big Bang Theory – more people are being attracted to the characters many of us have read about and followed in comic books and graphic novels for years. This naturally increased the demand for merchandise associated with them, keeping an eye on the most popular geeky trends we source a wide variety of gifts, collectables and memorabilia for all levels of Geekery.

Where to find Geek-Aboo

You’ll find us around half way down Queen Street – one of Glasgow’s most popular shopping streets, we are located between the Clydesdale Bank and the Army Recruitment Office. If you are coming by car, there are a limited number of metered car parking spaces available on Queen Street, we are also only a short and flat walk away from both Glasgow Queen Street and Glasgow Central train stations.

Accessing the Store

We do our best to accommodate any disabled visitors to the store. The following information may be of use to you if you are visiting our store as or with a disabled person.

There are no steps into or within the shop and when entering / leaving the shop the set of double doors manually open inwards and are able to remain open for ease of access. We are happy to welcome guide and companion dogs for who are accompanying their owner.

Entertainment and background noise

Once you have entered the store there are 2 arcade machines are located on the right hand side, when turned on, the arcade machines cycle through a demo loop and play in-game sounds. Outwith Quiet Shopping Time, music will be played at what we deem to be a reasonable volume, if you feel this is too loud we will be happy to adjust the volume to suit your needs.

Store Layout Information

The counter and till is located half way up the left-hand side of the store, a member of staff can normally be found here if you require any information or assistance finding a product. We have 2 fitting rooms located in the rear right hand corner of the store. We display our products by franchise, this is to make finding the item you are looking for stress free, expect to find all the Harry Potter products in one place. Some items which may be in a different location are our collectables which can be found in the glass cabinets either side of the store.

For all levels of Geekery

We understand that not everyone who shops with us is fully knowledgeable on the interest they are shopping for and this is something we always take into account which customers in-store and online. We don’t judge you on your experience and knowledge, we just love that you have an interest that’s similar to ours, speak to us about your hobby and what makes it so appealing to you!

Buying a gift for the geek in your life

Our Resident Geeks are always on hand to offer their professional advice to make sure you leave the store content & happy you have bought the correct item. If you have no idea of what you get somebody but you know they like a certain character, we will happily point you in the right direction of options we feel fit your geek’s interest.