Be a Dungeon Master, they said.

It’ll be fun, they said.

“They”, whoever “they” are, have a lot to answer for!

So, you’ve been playing Dungeons and Dragons for a while, and you’re thinking, I wouldn’t have run that encounter in the way the DM (Dungeon Master – God) did. I have so many ideas that we could use for scenarios, I could create whole new worlds and bend the hearts and minds of my NPCs (Non Player Characters) to my will. I shall be both loved and feared – insert maniacal laughter WA HA HA!!!!!

I’ve been DMing for about 10 minutes, heck I’ve only really been playing for just over a year, so I am far from the font of all knowledge. You read this blog at your own risk my friends!

To be honest, DMing is fun, especially if you have slight egomaniacal tendencies, or a god complex. These tendencies are not compulsory, but they help.

Imagination also helps, but if you don’t think you’re imaginative, don’t sweat it, there are prewritten modules that give the bones of a good adventure. You just need to guide your adventure party. Over time I’m sure that imagination will kick in. At the moment I’m running through Hoard of the Dragon Queen, part one of the two part, Tyranny of Dragons adventure (there will be more talk of this in the future)

How did you become a DM Niall? I hear no one shout.

It wasn’t planned, I went for a coffee a few weeks ago, and as I messed about on DnDbeyond (future blog), the Barista noticed and asked if I played.

He has played for a while, but always ends up as the DM and never gets to just play (this, you will find out is the song of the Dungeon Master. It is sung far and wide).

Now, I’ve been trying to get a game off the ground for a while. Call it fate, call it destiny, call it chance, I said I would ask some people, he’d ask his girlfriend if she was up for a game. It all came together.

And now I’m a DM.

But you have to work if you DM! You can’t just play it by ear, or you end up having a Kobold almost kill the Paladin in session one.


Kobolds? Little lizard guys that, let’s be straight, are only there to die and give XP (Experience Point) to the players. Sometimes the dice go in their favour, like REALLY in their favour.

PREPARATION!!! You need to know what each session will involve, not every detail, but you have to steer things to follow the line of the story (we will talk about the difference between steering and railroading another time). The important thing is to know the material.

Personal opinion, the DM is there to enjoy the adventure, and make sure everyone else can enjoy it. This is everyone at the table’s story, you lay the seeds, the others help it grow.


In the end it’s just a game, enjoy yourself

Next Post – Who knows. Something from the player side of the dungeon, or Murder Hobos (not a suggestion!!! A player type)

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