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Throne of Eldraine Events

If you're as excited about the Magic: The Gathering Throne of Eldraine release as us, have a look at our official in-store events we will be hosting around the launch. This includes our first 3 day pre-release and draft days. Entry costs and prizes can be found within each event. We've also included our other upcoming Magic: The Gathering in-store events too.

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Free Comic Book Day

🙏Thank you🙏 to everybody who popped into the store over the weekend for FREE COMICS! A huge shout out to our cosplayers who looked amazing and brought so much fun and laughter to the event. Missed Free Comic Book Day 2019?  We do this on the first Saturday of May every year so make sure to stick it in your diary/phone for 2020! We will be taking all of your kind [...]

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