MTG Arena: FNM@Home with Geek-Aboo!

Do you play MTG Arena? If you participate in the FNM Play at Home Events you can receive an exclusive promo code from us to redeem extra in-game goodies! Here’s how you do it: Play in the event Take a screenshot of your event page Go to our Facebook Page Send us your screenshot with the hashtags #GeekAboo and #fnmathome on our timeline. Send us a PM on messenger linking your [...]

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STOCK ALLOCATIONS PENDING Dear Customers, Due to the high demand for these products, as well as the limited stock and shipping issues arising from the pandemic, we are now forced to allocate stock on a first come, first serve basis. This means that many customers orders will not be fulfilled for the February 19th release and will either need to wait for the next print of this set or will be [...]

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COVID-19 and Brexit Update

Dear Customers Since Brexit was finalised just before the New Year, the UK economy has faced additional hardship on top of the effects of the global pandemic. Most notably, trade to the EU has been halted indefinitely, with many businesses unable to transport goods and courier services left extremely underprepared for the logistical and financial burden of not being part of the EU. “Post-Brexit trade: UK having [...]

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Geek-Aboo in 2020

This year has been extremely challenging for people all over the world. With the global pandemic still pervading many aspects of our lives, people have had to find normalcy in very absurd times. Despite the challenges, Geek-Aboo has had a busy and eventful year providing our customers with all their geeky needs and then some! Today we'd like to take a look back on this past year, remembering how in [...]

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Festive Mystery Boxes

The Perfect Gift for Geeks this Christmas Looking for the perfect gift for the geek in your life? Then why not let us do the hard work for you by getting them a Festive Mystery Geek-Box! Here's how it works Add your choice of Mystery Box to your Basket, and at check-out enter the delivery address - this means we can post [...]

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COVID-19 Update: Pokemon Community Day Cancelled

In compliance with new COVID regulations across central-western Scotland, we regret to inform trainers that our Pokemon Community Day Event for this Saturday has been cancelled. Despite these stricter regulations, non-contact exercise such as walking is still permitted so you don’t have to miss out on the in-game Community Day Event this weekend! Why not send us your snapshots of your newly caught Poke-Pals for a chance to win amazing [...]

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COVID-19 UPDATE: Level 4 Lockdown in Glasgow

The Scottish Government has announced that a Level 4 lockdown will be imposed in 11 council areas, including Glasgow, from 6pm this Friday until the 11th of December. This is the strictest level in Scotland’s newly introduced 5 Tier Alert System and is the most severe lockdown the country has faced since March. In compliance with these new regulations, our Glasgow store will be closed during this time, however our [...]

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Pokemon Community Day November – Electabuzz and Magmar!

Thunder and Ember in the Month of November! Trainers are in for a treat this month, because there are TWO Pokemon Go Community Days to look forward to! On Sunday 15th November, we're getting buzzed for Electabuzz! And on Saturday 21st November we're turning up the heat for Magmar! Enjoy 10% off all Pokemon merch in-store and grab yourself some official Pokemon goodies for all purchases over £10. [fusion_events cat_slug="pokemon-community-day" [...]

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New Mandalorian Merchandise

In a Galaxy... quite close to you actually. The Mandalorian is coming back to our screens on Friday 30th October for season 2! After the amazing response to the debut series, we thank the Star Wars Lords at Disney+ for bringing it back for another season. It's no surprise that "The Child" AKA Baby Yoda has been the star of the show and there is a whole load of merchandise [...]

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Pokemon Go Community Day 17.10.2020 with Tempo Tea!

Catch yourself a Charmander at Geek-Aboo! Play Pokemon Go and live in the Glasgow area? Why not stop by our official Pokemon Gym on Saturday 17th of October for this month's Pokemon Go Community Day! This month's featured Pokemon is the OG fire-starter (in more ways than one), Charmander! Enjoy 10% off all Pokemon merchandise in store and grab yourself some freebies in store with your purchase, including official Pokemon TCG [...]

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