MTG: Zendikar Rising – PRE-ORDER NOW

Get Ready to Return to Zendikar! Revisit the perilous and breathtaking realm of Zendikar with Magic: The Gathering's latest release! In Zendikar Rising, land is the main attraction, combining new and familiar mechanics and characters that players will love! This set introduces a brand new type of booster pack, the Set Booster, designed to appeal to players who are less interested in Draft or Limited, and takes a novel and fun [...]

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Magic: The Gathering – Double Masters OUT NOW

New Magic Release? Make It Double! Boosters and booster boxes available online It’s double the power and double the excitement with this new release for Magic: The Gathering. Double Masters features reprints of your favourite cards, with each booster pack featuring twice the amount of rares and mythic rares for you to get your hands on. And that’s not all – for every booster box you purchase you will [...]

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Mystery Booster Draft at Geekaboo! March 15th @ 11:30 am – 5:00 pm

This is gonna be a fun one folks!! The Mystery Booster set is similar in its function to a curated Chaos draft with hundreds upon hundreds of reprinted cards from magics history all mixed in and randomly spread through the packs. If your a fan wacky drafts and old cards this is gonna be one for you. Time: 11am registration - 11:30 start Price: £ 13 Prizes: 1 pack per player [...]

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Theros Beyond Death Draft at Geek-Aboo! March 8 @ 11:30 am – 5:00 pm

Time: 11am registration - 11:30 start Price: £9 Prizes: 1 pack per player added to the prize pool. Distribution based on number of players attending. Alternatively, if you would like to message the store or pop In and ask for either Thomas or Ash, we can get you in touch with our existing player base! Haven't drafted before? Drafting is a great way for new players to gain more experience and [...]

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