Red vs Green: Pokemon Themed Bubble Juice

This September we’re paying tribute to trainers with exclusive bubble drinks based on Trainers Red and Green. Childhood rivals and lifelong friends, Red and Green have been battling each other since 1996 in Pocket Monsters Red and Green, respectively. Over the years, we’ve seen various iterations of this duo, in other games, anime, manga and much more. What hasn’t changed is their mutual passion for Pokémon and how their rivalry [...]

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Local Heroes: ‘Radioactive Fallout’ by The Remarkablz with Dekko Comics!

Superheroes of science set to come to life in new comic book from The Remarkablz A new comic book is turning real-life science heroes into superheroes, bringing diverse pioneers of science and engineering to a new generation of young readers in an exciting and engaging format. The Remarkablz is the brainchild of London-based illustrator and game designer Katy Alexander, bringing the stories of scientists and engineers – particularly women, [...]

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Local Heroes: CHIP Collective – Working In: The Arts

CHIP (Comics Help Inform People) collective is a comic collective organised by ourselves, Ashling Larkin and Cat Laird. It started out as a concept for making informational comic anthologies that could be distributed to those in need. After Ashlings Mums diagnosis of stage 4 Glioblastoma Multiforme, a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer, we wanted to help others who were going through the emotions of a cancer diagnosis, either [...]

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Dekko Comics

The fun way to learn! Educational comics that turn KS2 school curriculum content into engaging comic strips, smashing motivational barriers to reading and learning. This especially includes Dyslexia and Autism. As a bonus they also use colour-coding and footnotes, as well as a dyslexia-friendly font. This way, our comics make learning more accessible and encourage reluctant readers to get into reading, increasing their engagement and learning retention. Welcome to [...]

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The Mystery Club

The Mystery Club Amy Abnobotchi is known to be the only living human in a world full of animals that have evolved to a human level of intelligence (or, at least some of them have). She lives in a tree house with a renegade scientist named Professor Loco who is her polar-opposite in every way imaginable. They have formed their own club called the Mystery Club for no real [...]

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Local Heroes: A showcase of local Scottish talent!

Since we opened up business in 2014, Geek-Aboo has enjoyed the love and support from the local community in our home city of Glasgow. It is because of the people in this community that we are able to have the privilege of serving geeky goodness to the people of Glasgow and beyond. This is especially true today as we continue to face the effects of the global pandemic which has [...]

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Tempo Tea Bar

Tempo Tea Bar Originating in Taiwan, bubble tea is a popular beverage across southeast Asia and is growing in popularity over here in the cold shores of Scotland. Our pals at Tempo Tea Bar are bona fide tea experts, offering a huge range of indulgent asian teas and snacks, made just for you! From mango, to passionfruit, to matcha green tea and taro, there's always something to get those [...]

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Untethered What if you let a genie out of the bottle... by drinking it? Nothing good, you'd imagine. But Frank doesn't have to imagine, he's finding out all too well. Can they work together to save themselves and each other - from both the strange occurrence and a mysterious man named Joe? 'Untethered' is a strange new take on genie (Djinn) tales, but also has a somewhat unconventional creation, [...]

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