Easter Break – Free Board Game Play

Don't waste the Easter break staring at your mobile or tablet playing a mindless & repetitive game. We have loads of fun and gripping board games to keep the whole family occupied and decrease their screen time. During the Glasgow Easter break the in-store resident geeks will be playing gamesmaster and showing you some of our most popular games totally free of charge. Visit Geek-Aboo on weekdays for the first [...]

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The Batman Bubble Juice

Holy Bubble Juice, Batman! The caped crusader is coming back to the big screen this week! To celebrate, we’ve teamed up with our pals at Tempo Tea Bar to create two brand new Batman themed Bubble Juice Drinks! Try one of these bat-tacular drinks at our store in Glasgow, only available until March 31st! The Bat-Menu The Batman (Red) : The streets of [...]

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Hangout@Geek-Aboo BACK FOR 2022!

Due to recent changes in Scottish COVID-19 guidelines, we are pleased to announce the return of our weekend tabletop events! That's right folks, in store events are back at Geek-Aboo! Whether you're eager for the next Magic: The Gathering Prerelease, or just want to kick back with some board games, there's an event for you! You can reserve your spot for each event in store, or register your interest via [...]

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We're kicking the sale off early this year with a massive 70% off some awesome items! Featuring your favourite brands, from Spider-Man, to Super Mario, to Rick and Morty, and much much more! Check out some of the amazing bargains you can grab in this massive in store only sale! [...]

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Top Board Games This Christmas

If you don't play tabletop games throughout the year, Christmas time provides the ideal opportunity to sit down with friends and family and pass time doing something that everyone will enjoy. There are more to board games than the well known classics and their variants, we've put together a list of our top recommendations for board games to pick up this Christmas. Remember, we offer Same Day Delivery in a [...]

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Festive Mystery Boxes 2021

Looking for the perfect gift for the geek in your life? Well look no further because our Festive Mystery Boxes are back! Each £14.99 Mystery Box contains at least 5 hand selected main items! These could include collectible figures, premium stationary, wearable accessories, card games and more! Every box also contains a limited edition bauble with a collectible pendant or charm inside (styles may vary). And of course, you [...]

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MTG: Innistrad – Crimson Vow UPDATE

Important Update We have been informed that some products for next week's release of MTG: Innistrad - Crimson Vow may be delayed or heavily allocated for the official release date. While we have been assured that stock will arrive in time for the official release date, this might not apply to all products in this set. Here we will break down some of the ways this might affect stock [...]

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Pokemon TCG Updates: Some Delays Expected For Fusion Strike

We are currently preparing for this weekend’s release of Pokemon TCG: Fusion Strike, with most of the stock expected to arrive very soon. Customers who have pre-ordered any Fusion Strike products should expect to receive an email from us when their orders are ready to process, so do keep an eye on your inbox during this time. Due to supply issues, this release will arrive in two waves, meaning that [...]

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Pokemon Celebrations Release

The long-anticipated release of Pokemon Celebrations is upon us and we are delighted to be stocking this awesome limited edition range. We know you’re going to love it and if you haven’t already pre-ordered it we highly recommend you snap this up on it’s release this Friday 8th October. If you miss out on the first release, fear not, we are expecting a second wave of stock in the not [...]

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Have a Geeky Halloween

Halloween Family Fun For many Geek-Aboo customers dressing up isn't exclusivley for Halloween and the art of cosplay is enjoyed all year round. However, a Comic Con in an overheated exhibitional hall is a far cry from a freezing cold October night in Scotland. Make sure to check out our insulated drink bottles to help keep you warm while you walk from house to house. If Halloween is getting [...]

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