Dear Customers

Since Brexit was finalised just before the New Year, the UK economy has faced additional hardship on top of the effects of the global pandemic. Most notably, trade to the EU has been halted indefinitely, with many businesses unable to transport goods and courier services left extremely underprepared for the logistical and financial burden of not being part of the EU.

Post-Brexit trade: UK having its cake and eating it, says Boris Johnson (30.12.2020)” – Yeah right, where’s the cake BOJO?

This means that, for the time being, we are unable to ship products to customers outside of the UK. This also means that we may receive less stock from suppliers due to this matter as well. Whatever stock we do acquire may also be subject to additional customs charges, which will sadly mean that our products may become dearer than we would like. Rest assured we are working hard to provide a competitive price to all of our customers. So much for the “Tariff Free trade DEAL!”

Our Latest International Shipping Policy will confirm our delivery charge of your order to an international address before you place your order. You will be given an option of which delivery service to choose from.

Applicable tax applying delivery charges will depend on your country of residence and will apply in accordance with the POST BREXIT changes as of 01/01/2021. You may be susceptible to Tax & Duty upon receipt of the goods. By agreeing to our Terms & Conditions at checkout the buyer agrees that they will be susceptible for any additional Tax & Duty applied on arrival of the order to their country.

The price of all articles on the website do not include the additional Tax & Duty cost, the buyer will have to contact their respective Customs & Duty representative for further information regarding potential Tax & Duty costs.

The Impact of COVID-19 and Brexit

Without sufficient guidance or support from the local authority, much less from Parliament, many businesses in Glasgow will have to consider closing permanently, causing massive unemployment and financial depression. To counter this, we have joined a collaborative of over 50 local businesses to protect our local economy, our livelihoods and culture in the city. The Glasgow City Centre Business Alliance is a growing organisation seeking answers to what the Glasgow City Council, and Scottish Government is doing to save our City Centres across Scotland.

We want to make it known to our representatives in the UK Government that we demand tangible, actionable solutions that will allow our economy to survive and save our way of life. Our communities simply cannot thrive with the way things are progressing now. As we face this crisis as a nation, we aim to do our part in keeping Glasgow alive and kicking. If you would like to help support local businesses in the city, please consider liking and sharing the official Facebook page to help spread the word!

We are Groot

We want to assure our customers that despite these hardships we are committed to making sure you continue to enjoy our geeky services. We will continue to work with our couriers to ensure that international shipping is possible. As of now, we are thankfully still able to acquire new stock and are working with our suppliers to secure future releases. Domestic orders will be processed as normal and delivery services should operate as normal, including Same-Day Delivery in the Glasgow area.

A post Brexit world has clearly shocked the system and we feel frustrated at the lack of information from Westminster, from the HMRC, to Customs and duty, to our local MP’s who will simply not provide the information small businesses are looking for, to allow us to continue our services to our customers. Coupled with a lack of proper support during the COVID crisis, our community will be hit very hard with these recent developments. In spite of the circumstances, we hope that such hardships will inspire us to work together and make meaningful changes to protect our communities from the effects of this completely avoidable crisis.

With Love and Gratitude

– The Geek-Aboo Team