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Magic weekend returns and this time the focus is on the newest Wizards of the coast sanctioned format, Brawl!

Brawl is a Commander style format that uses the standard card pool, and in order to introduce players to the format Wizards has released 4 preconstructed decks that (believe it or not) are really fun to play against each other!

To that end at geekaboo we will be holding an event around the release of these four decks! Much like the commander weekend before it participants will buy a deck and spend the day getting in games against other players who have done the same.

And ofcourse! there will be fancy promos to be won!

Time: 11am registration – 11:30 start
Price: £15.99 (includes Brawl Deck)
Prizes: Promo Packs and other surprises

Note: We highly recommend that players register as “going” on the event guestlist. That way, everyone can see if there is enough players attending before making their way and avoids wasting their time. Thank you.

Alternatively, if you would like to message the store or pop In and ask for either Thomas or Ash, we can get you in touch with our existing player base!

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