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This is a brand new event launching for the very first time this year, Magic players from around the world will be celebrating Commander day this weekend with the release of the 2019 commander decks.

What is commander:
Commander is a 100 card singleton format designed for 2 or more players. Pulling from the vintage card pool, this format involves building a deck around a single legendary card, your “commander”, and every card in your deck must match the colours of your commander.

Event Conditions:
In order to be eligble for prizes in this event all entrants must purchase and play with one of the four new commander decks available on the day. Players are more than welcome to bring their own decks from home for casual games afterwards.

New rules:
For this event we will be implementing a new rule, wherein during the event the players may begin with upto three legendary cards from their pre-con deck purchased on the day in the command zone, each of these is considered a commander for the purpose of the event.

The prize scheme for this event will be different to other tournaments, players will not receive prizes based on wins but rather on in game achievements as listed on the wizards website and in the event page below, completion of an achievement card entities the player to a promo pack (while stocks last)


Join us in-store where our helpful staff will be more than happy to walk you through this multiplayer format.

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