The Perfect Gift for Geeks this Christmas

Looking for the perfect gift for the geek in your life? Then why not let us do the hard work for you by getting them a Festive Mystery Geek-Box!

Here’s how it works

  • Add your choice of Mystery Box to your Basket, and at check-out enter the delivery address – this means we can post it directly to your favourite geek. Who will you choose to receive their mystery box wrapped in our trademark Geek-Aboo wrapping paper!?
  • At the checkout you can enter a message you wish to be put in the box to ensure they know who it’s from, or leave it blank to keep them guessing.
  • Here’s the best part: You’ll become a hero by doing this, as we’ve teamed up with Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity and £5 from the box you purchase will go helping young patients and their families enjoy Christmas in what has been a tough year.
    Your £25 purchase will have a retail price of £35 or over, and will also be helping young patients and their families.

What will we be in your Festive Mystery Box?

Each Mystery Box contains at least 5 hand selected items plus extras! These could include:

  • One Feature Item (The MVP of your box!)
  • One Mystery Item (A nice little surprise!)
  • One Wearable/Accessory Item (Something to keep with you at all times)
  • One Stationery Item ( When you need it most!)
  • Illustrated item for relevant genres (Something for your comical kick!)
  • A discount code for your next purchase with Geek-Aboo!
  • Optional Personalized card added at check-out
  • Geek-Aboo limited edition bookmark and sticker

Please Note: All boxes will be shipped out from between the first and second week of December. Customers will be kept notified of the delivery status.
As this is a charitable item, items cannot be returned or exchanged, however, items can be cancelled up to the 21st of November.
Due to COVID-19 related delays and possible courier delays, please keep in mind that items may take a few more days to dispatch.

The Gaming mystery box can contain items from several well-loved games (be it video games to card gaming!), there’s sure to be something in there to please all kind of gamers!

Heroes & Villains Mystery Box

The Heroes & Villains: Comic Style Mystery Box with contain items based on many well-loved comic backgrounds!
From rogue vigilantes and heroes from other worlds, to laughing villains and galaxy destroyers, there’s something to keep any comic fan on the edge of their seat!

The Heroes & Villains: On-Screen box will contain items based on well loved ‘goodies and baddies’ from popular movies and shows! Be it horror monsters to butt-kicking heroes, this is a great box for any movie buff!

Fantasy Mystery Box

The Fantasy: Magic Mystery Box will contain items based on movies and brands that bring magic to the fore!!
From Wizarding schools and dragons, to talking beasts and mages, there should be something to inspire any magic fan!

The Fantasy: Sci-Fi Mystery Box will contain items based on well-loved sci-fi brands that hinge on the fantastical!
Be it certain space-warriors and battles, to huge beast wars, there should be something to excite any sci-fi fantasy fan!

The Disney: Mystery Box will contain items from popular and well-loved Disney movies and franchises! There’s sure to be something in there to bring cheer to all Disney fans!

The Anime: Shoujo box will contain items that are based on shoujo anime, but can also include cute/’Kawaii’ items from other popular sources too. This can also include K-POP items, as well as adorable Geek-Aboo associated items!!

The Anime: Shonen Mystery Box will contain items based on many popular and well-loved anime shows!
From budding pirates and slayers of monsters, to power levels that are too high to compute, this box will bring a smile to any anime fan!