As we approach the month of August, and Scotland has moved to Level Zero COVID regulations, it’s the perfect time to finally meet up again with friends and loved ones, many of whom we haven’t seen in over a year. To celebrate the friends that are near and dear to us, we’ve recruited the help of Espeon, Umbreon and Sylveon to help kick off our Month of Friendship!

Besides being evolutions of Eevee, these three eeveelutions are special as Eevee can only evolve into one of them when it is best friends with its trainer! And just like our human friends, each one is unique, just like our latest round of themed bubble drinks, created by our friends at Tempo Tea Bar!

Check out what we have on the menu for August:

Sunrise Espeon

The source of light and heat in our planet, the Sun is our planet’s oldest friend. This life-giving force is where Espeon, the Sun Pokemon, draws its psychic energy. Using the power stored in its gem, it possesses precognitive abilities to predict weather patterns and sense when it’s trainer may be in danger.

Our Sunrise Espeon drink resembles the rising sun, with its red hues of Strawberry and Cranberry juice, coupled with a glow of Lychee boba.

Moonlight Umbreon

Earth’s moon, a celestial body whose gravitational pull helps control tides, keep us steady on our axis and has been a companion to humans in the darkest of nights. This is where Umbreon, the Moonlight Pokemon, draws its power. This stealthy creature can blend in the shadows, unbeknownst to prey and predators alike. When caught, it emits an eerie glow through the rings on its body as a warning to others. To trainers who have built its trust, it makes a formidable and deeply loyal companion that will fight that which go bump in the night.

Our Moonlight Umbreon drink portrays the night sky with Black Grape Juice, coupled with the glow of Peach boba and edible glitter, to emulate the stars.

Aurora Sylveon

During this cosmic dance between our planet and the sun, our atmosphere is hit with solar winds, which occasionally gifts us with a beautiful light display known as an Aurora. This phenomenon is so special and rare that it has been mythologised by civilisations for millennia, often thought to be magical in nature, and should you follow the lights, you may find a fairy, like Sylveon. This Pokemon emits a soothing aura from ribbon-like appendages, to weaken prey but also to bond with its trainer. A fearless dragon slayer, Sylveon will fight for its trainer to the very end.

Our Aurora Sylveon drink combines the soothing, floral notes of Rose water and lychee juice, coupled with mellow blueberry boba.

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*Due to a global shortage of ingredients, we have a limited boba availability for our drinks. Thankfully, we will have enough to make these delicious drinks for you!