Halloween Family Fun

For many Geek-Aboo customers dressing up isn’t exclusivley for Halloween and the art of cosplay is enjoyed all year round. However, a Comic Con in an overheated exhibitional hall is a far cry from a freezing cold October night in Scotland. Make sure to check out our insulated drink bottles to help keep you warm while you walk from house to house. If Halloween is getting you in the mood for having a fright night don’t forget the classics like Ghostbusters,Child’s Play and the revamp of IT along with the ever popular Harry Potter

In a time where we need to adjust plans and change the way we used to do things, Halloween will undoubtably be different for the next few years. A lot of us won’t be comfortable with groups of guisers gracing our living rooms to tell jokes or in our kitchens dooking for apples, however, maybe it gives us a chance to refresh our at home fun for October 31st.

Here’s our top tips for creating a fun halloween night this year.

  1. Funko up your Garden
  2. Family Board Game Fun
  3. Drinks bottles to match your costume

Funko up your Garden

Make use of your garden and take inspiration from easter to create a Funko Pop hunt with your favourite Funko Pops strategically placed around your plant pots and folliage. Offer prizes for those who can find them all and bonus points for naming the characters. Your Funko Pops don’t have to be Halloween themed, be creative an go with a theme your family and friends will love to get involved with. Why not add light to your display with a battery powered night light. View all of our Funko pops on our website here

Family Fun Board Game Night

Keep the whole family entertained and on the edge of their seats with a gripping board game. We have a huge selection of family themed board games at a price to suit your budget. Here are some of our recommendations which will be a sure fire hit for halloween. Or view our full board game selection here