Local Heroes

Since we opened up business in 2014, Geek-Aboo has enjoyed the love and support from the local community in our home city of Glasgow. It is because of the people in this community that we are able to have the privilege of serving geeky goodness to the people of Glasgow and beyond. This is especially true today as we continue to face the effects of the global pandemic which has been a pervasive presence in our lives since early last year. We cannot express enough gratitude for how the community has helped us stay in business during these turbulent times. Unfortunately, many other businesses did not fare well during the events of 2020, leading to an increased unemployment rate and closure of businesses across the country.

This is why we are launching a new initiative to help promote small business owners in Scotland. Our Local Heroes section features hand picked small businesses, freelancers and local projects that could do with some love from our wonderful community. From comics to bubble tea and baked goods, discover what Scottish ingenuity has to offer!

Dekko Comics

Meet the Heroes


Meet the Heroes

The Mystery Club

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Tempo Tea Bar

Meet the Heroes