New Magic Release? Make It Double!

Magic: The Gathering - Double Masters Draft Booster Display (x24)

Boosters and booster boxes available online

It’s double the power and double the excitement with this new release for Magic: The Gathering. Double Masters features reprints of your favourite cards, with each booster pack featuring twice the amount of rares and mythic rares for you to get your hands on. And that’s not all – for every booster box you purchase you will receive two non-foil borderless showcase box topper cards.

VIP: Very Special Players!

Magic: The Gathering - Double Masters VIP Edition (x1)

For all you super collectors, we have a special VIP Edition Pack jam packed with the following items:

  • 2 foil borderless cards (only found in VIP edition) (cards with a rare symbol will appear twice as often as cards with a mythic symbol)
  • 2 two foils consisting of either two rares or a rare and a mythic rare
  • 8 foil uncommons
  • 9 foil commons
  • 10 full-art basic lands (only found in VIP edition, 2 of each basic)
  • 2 foil full-art basic lands (only found in VIP edition, 2 randomly selected from among the 10 options)
  • 2 foil tokens (only found in VIP edition, token on both sides)

Get More For Your Magic

On top of all that, each item has a discount of up to 30% off! Not only that, but you can enjoy a further 10% off your purchase (along with any other purchase in store) using the coupon code ‘CLICK10’ in the checkout! Why not check out our site to see our full selection of Magic: The Gathering products today?