Ah, MCM Scotland.  One of the most geeky events of the year.  Returning once again to the SEC geeks young and old flocked to the weekend’s events.

Comic con is an event that only seems to get bigger, filling the halls with the joyful chatter of fans of all kinds of things, cosplayers showing off their latest creations, talented artists and crafters and the ubiquitous pop vinyl stalls.

It is with pleasure this year I noticed that the amount of local talent featured in the form of vendors and the quality of the merchandise spoke for itself.  The wonderful GeenieJay and Dragonella were particular highlights for me, beautiful handmade jewellery and hair accessories glistening like jewels on laden tables.

The guest list was also particularly good, the star being Charles Martinet.  Martinet voices Mario and is one of the most charismatic humans I have ever met.  His panel was a joy, dispensing worldly advice about what is important in life – spreading love and joy wherever you can – and packed full of little bits of Nintendo history.  He left us with these words – Be more Mario.  I think we could all learn a thing or two from that.

The quality of the cosplay was also consistently high this year.  Seeing a full size Dalek zipping towards you screaming EXTERMINATE can be a frightening experience until you realise where you are.  A huge variety of characters and franchises were represented in loving and creative ways and really that’s what MCM is all about.  The fans are at the heart of this event, and seeing the wonderful costumes is all part of the fun.

Glasgow is slowly being recognised as a place that can support geek culture events on a large scale, and the growth of MCM Scotland is a wonderful thing to see.  As someone who grew up when these events weren’t commonplace, it is delightful to see children marvel at the sights and sounds that come with the convention.  Geek culture remains cool, and that’s just how we like it.

This article has been written by Indy Goodwin from Polkadots & Video Games. You can read more of her articles here and visit her blog here.