Get Ready to Return to Zendikar!

Revisit the perilous and breathtaking realm of Zendikar with Magic: The Gathering’s latest release! In Zendikar Rising, land is the main attraction, combining new and familiar mechanics and characters that players will love!

This set introduces a brand new type of booster pack, the Set Booster, designed to appeal to players who are less interested in Draft or Limited, and takes a novel and fun approach to opening a booster pack. Each pack is it’s own journey, with many more rares and mythic rares to encounter! This set also sees the return of Art Cards, last seen in Modern Horizons.

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To match the adventurous spirit of this set, Zendikar Rising features a diverse range of booster packs, including the Draft Booster, The Collector’s Booster and Theme Boosters, so no matter how you play Magic there’s something just for you.

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