Thursday the 27th of February marked the final My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising screening at Cineworld, and we’re sure that anyone who attended can attest that it was a brilliant night.

Cineworld Glasgow Renfrew Street put on a great event on both Wednesday and Thursday night, and we were thrilled to be a part of it. For everyone who received a poster upon arrival, we hope you’ve found the perfect spot for it at home!

As well as being able to watch the highly anticipated film, we hope that you enjoyed the extra excitement we worked with Cineworld to add to the night. It was great to see My Hero Academia fans come together to enjoy this new film, and of course the cosplayers made the night even better.

Thank you to everyone who came along and participated in the competitions, and a huge congratulations to the raffle winners who left with All Might Action Figures – don’t say we aren’t good to you! And if you didn’t win a prize this time, don’t worry; we will have other competition opportunities coming your way soon. So, keep an eye out for the next giveaway for your chance to win!