Pokémon Sword and Shield is almost here and this time we’re taking our journey across the Galar region.  Based on the UK geographically and culturally the Galar region bases its pokemon in the roots of British history such as the Industrial Revolution and medieval society.  Despite the games lack of a national Pokédex (which some fans have described as Dexit) fans are still losing their minds at the prospect of charmingly British Pokémon and with the current Galar region specific Pokémon that’s already been teased its easy to see why.

One Top Notch Weezing

One of the first Galar region specific Pokémon to have been revealed was none other than a fan favourite, Weezing.  Complete with industrial revolution symbolic top hat and one gloriously British moustache this tea-drinking gentleman is a DARK/FAIRY type which according to its Pokédex entry collects toxic gases in the air and releases purified air from its top hat.

Climbing an Obstagoon

No Pokémon game is complete without ludicrous villains with Pokémon to match their personalities and a new addition to the Zigzagoon family is the perfect fit for this task.  Obstagoon is the new evolved form of a Galarian Lineoon and the senior to the Zigzagoon family.  It obviously draws inspiration from the cockney gangs of London and the henchmen guarding shady speakeasy’s but battling this goon could be difficult as it likes to taunt its opponents into attacking first and uses its muscular arms to stop incoming attacks or intruders.

A Knight of the Round Vegetable

A Pokémon Sword exclusive this Pokémon is the long awaited evolved form of another fan favourite Pokémon Farfetch’d.  Sirfetch’d is a Fighting type Pokémon that turns its predecessors’ trusty leek into a fully-fledged weapon in the form of a lance and a sturdy leaf shield.  This chivalrous Pokémon claims its heritage in the stories of Arthur and the Knights of the round table and stories of ancient knights in battle and I’m sure it won’t fail to disappoint on the Pokémon battle field either.  Are you ready to hit the Gyms with your new team of six?  Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield releases worldwide on the 15th of November 2019.

This article has been written by Dean Allardice who is one of our in-store Resident Geeks. You can read more of Dean’s articles here.