The following lines, originally due for release earlier in the year have been rescheduled and will now release to coincide with the reopening of non-essential retail in the UK.


POK82843 • Single/Rapid Strike Urshifu V Box

POK82845 • Venusaur/Blastoise VMAX Battle Box

POK82743 • Zacian / Zamazenta Elite Trainer Box Plus

POK80742 • Zacian/Zamazenta Ultra Premium Collection


The new official release dates for these lines is now Monday 12th April for England.


Geek-aboo comments: All lines are sold out for launch and allocations will occur, we are hopeful that although we are re-opening at a later date, stock is expected to arrive to us on 12th April for online sales, same day delivery and collect in store.