This September we’re paying tribute to trainers with exclusive bubble drinks based on Trainers Red and Green. Childhood rivals and lifelong friends, Red and Green have been battling each other since 1996 in Pocket Monsters Red and Green, respectively. Over the years, we’ve seen various iterations of this duo, in other games, anime, manga and much more. What hasn’t changed is their mutual passion for Pokémon and how their rivalry has evolved into an unlikely friendship.

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It’s Easy Bein Green

Green is the confident and at times arrogant grandson of Professor Oak, best known for his catchphrase “Smell ya later!”. He is a well-disciplined and highly accomplished trainer, always one step ahead of his rival, Red, even becoming the Champion before him. Naturally, this driven young man also took on the role as Viridian’s gym leader in subsequent games. Despite his talent and drive, his cocky nature can mean that he’s unable, or unwilling, to see the vulnerabilities in his battle strategy, giving his opponents an advantage. Despite this, he remains a force to be reckoned with.

It’s Easy Bein’ Green combines Apple and Melon flavour with Apple Popping Boba, for a refreshing and mellow kick. Perfect for any high-flying achiever out there!

Painting Pallet Town Red

Red is the main protagonist of the original Pokemon games and represents the player. In other iterations, he’s portrayed as somewhat scatter-brained,

inexperienced, and lacking basic skill in battling. Despite his extreme disadvantage, his persistence and humility has allowed him to gain the skill and strength to not only earn all the badges in Kanto, but to defeat criminal organisations and eventually take his Rival’s place as Kanto’s Champion. Red remains one of the top trainers due to his quiet perseverance and fiery passion for Pokemon battling.

Painting Pallet Town Red combines Strawberry and Rose flavour with Strawberry Popping Boba, for a sweet kick with floral tones. Perfect for winners with the resolve to see things through to the end.

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