This July, our Bubble Juice Pokemon journey has taken us to the land of Sinnoh! Based on the real-life region of Hokkaido Japan, as well as the nearby island of Sakhalin, Sinnoh is best known for it’s folklore and mythology, as the homeplace of Arceus, the creator of all life in the Pokemon universe.

A mountainous land rich with forestry and ancient rivers, Sinnoh is also home to a wide array of unique Pokemon species. We’ve picked 3 of our favourite Sinnoh Pokemon as inspiration for our July menu.

Cherubi Nectar: The next time you go berry picking, be careful not to accidentally pluck a wild Cherubi! This Pokemon spends most of its day bathing in the sunshine, storing energy in it’s secondary head. This extra head is highly sought after by other Pokemon, due to it’s dense nutrients and sweetness.

Our Cherubi Nectar Juice contains strawberry flavoured juice with Cherry popping boba, perfect to sip while you catch those rays!

Honey Combee: In the town of Floaroma, you can hear the gentle hum of Combee as they sip the nectar of the flowers that cover every square inch of the meadow. These beasties are fantastic at teamwork, with groups of three always attached since birth, forming a literal hivemind that spends all its time gathering honey to please the queen Vespiquen.

Our Combee Honey flavour juice combines the sweetness of Honeydew Melon and Orange with Blueberry popping Boba, perfect for the summer!

Roser-ade: Every rose has its’ thorns, and Roserade is no exception! This Grass/Poison type Pokemon entices its prey by creating a sweet aroma. Once their prey is in sight, they spew poison at it. The more toxic it is, the sweeter it smells, making Roserade the bane of any nectar loving Pokemon in the vicinity.

Our Roser-ade juice imitates that sweet aroma with none of that nastiness. Combining the flavours of Peach with Apple Boba, Roser-ade is the perfect beverage to satisfy your sweet  temptations.

These drinks are only available in the month of July at our store in Glasgow!