What’s this month’s coupon code? It’s a mystery…

The Riddler has broken into Geek-Aboo HQ and scrambled our promotional code for this month, and left behind this cryptic message.

It’s now up to you to solve this mystery, using the decryptor tool provided below! Once you’ve solved the code, you can use it to get 15% off your next online purchase at Geek-Aboo and Tempo Tea Bar!

Let’s get code cracking!

Decode the cipher using the Caesar Wheel, pictured above. To do this, search each letter in the code on the outer purple wheel. Swap each letter for the letter directly below it, from the inner green wheel.

Once you’ve done that for each letter, you should have the decrypted message, which you can use at the checkout of Geek-Aboo or Tempo Tea Bar to get 15% off your next purchase!

Need a hint?

The Gotham Forensics team spotted another clue at the scene of the crime! Hover your cursor over the image below to reveal their discovery!

What could this mean?

Cracked the code? Congratulations!

If you managed to solve The Riddler’s cipher, congrats! Now you can use your decrypted message at the checkout of Geek-Aboo.com and TempoTeaBar.com for 15% off your next online purchase!

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