Holy Bubble Juice, Batman!

The caped crusader is coming back to the big screen this week! To celebrate, we’ve teamed up with our pals at Tempo Tea Bar to create two brand new Batman themed Bubble Juice Drinks! Try one of these bat-tacular drinks at our store in Glasgow, only available until March 31st!

The Bat-Menu

The Batman (Red) : The streets of Gotham are a hostile place, with dangerous people lurking in every corner. The Batman, a mysterious figure sworn to protect the people of the city, has a mission to expose the criminal underbelly of Gotham and to dress like a bat while doing it. We guess he’s going through some things…

And just like a fruit bat, we reckon The Caped Crusader is secretly a sweet tooth, so we’ve made him his very own Bubble Juice flavour! The Batman Bubble Juice has Strawberry juice with a dash of Cherry Popping Boba.

Now you go patrol those streets, Batman! We’re counting on you!

The Riddler (Green): A criminal mastermind, best known for his use of riddles, codes and puzzles, The Riddler is one of Batman’s oldest and most cunning foes. Like the white rabbit leading Alice down the rabbit hole, his complex codes are designed to trap Batman in a battle of the mind, leading our hero down perilous twists and turns that even The Dark Knight himself can find himself trapped in.

As a tribute to this master of mind games, we’ve created a special Bubble Juice flavour just for him! The Riddler Bubble Juice has Apple and Lychee Juice with a dash of Apple Popping Boba. A refreshing beverage to enjoy while planning your villainous schemes!

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