This is gonna be a fun one folks!!

The Mystery Booster set is similar in its function to a curated Chaos draft with hundreds upon hundreds of reprinted cards from magics history all mixed in and randomly spread through the packs. If your a fan wacky drafts and old cards this is gonna be one for you.

Time: 11am registration – 11:30 start
Price: £ 13
Prizes: 1 pack per player added to the prize pool. Distribution based on number of players attending.

Haven’t drafted before? Drafting is a great way for new players to gain more experience and cards in a fun and casual environment. Here’s what it involves…

Sit at the table with your 3 packs. Everyone opens their first pack and after removing the basic land & token:
Take 1 card and pass the remaining cards to the player on your left.

When you receive the pack from the player to the right of you, take 1 card and pass along the remaining cards to the player on your left. Repeat this til the pack is gone.

Now do the same with your second pack, this time passing the cards to the player on your right (and left again for the 3rd pack). Now it is time to construct a deck from the cards that you drafted and play in a 3 round swiss tournament!

The deck will be 40 cards minimum, including basic land cards which we will supply.

Note: We highly recommend that players register as “going” on the event Facebook page. That way, everyone can see if there is enough players attending before making their way and avoids wasting their time. Thank you.