What if you let a genie out of the bottle… by drinking it? Nothing good, you’d imagine. But Frank doesn’t have to imagine, he’s finding out all too well. Can they work together to save themselves and each other – from both the strange occurrence and a mysterious man named Joe? ‘Untethered’ is a strange new take on genie (Djinn) tales, but also has a somewhat unconventional creation, with the idea being pitched by the artist to the writer.

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Meet the Heroes

Elliot Balson – Creator & Lead Artist

Ell is a Scottish comic artists who’s provided work for numerous projects with the University of Dundee, published in their UniVerse imprint and Comic Scene UK. He was nominated alongside writer Harry French and letterer Hassan Ostumane-Elhaou for ‘Best Single Issue’ at SICBA 2019 for their one-shot thriller, Slow Shutter. He’s still moseying on with comics work, so keep up to date through Ell Balson Art on various social media platforms – along with nonsense and sweary political diatribes on Twitter, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Umar Ditta – Writer

Umar is a comic book writer, marketer and extremely likeable. He also hates writing about himself in the third person but he will have to persevere. This is Umar’s third comic book. His fourth book, Lad is to be released fairly soon (or it might be out right now – if this is the case, please seek it out). He is also working on kaiju-fighting action comic, Let Them Fight! and high fantasy all-ages webcomic The Early Knights Cavalry. He thinks he has a few more projects in process but he can’t remember which ones they are. If he remembers, he’ll probably let people know about them.


Mike Maynard – Colourist

A one-inch alien cyborg piloting a golem of ham, Mike coloured this comic as a presentation of its threat level for you to assess at your own discretion.

Usually found in its natural habitat @skullpiratemike on Twitter.com, c/o The Internet.

Rob Jones – Letterer

Rob is a writer and letterer of comics, but don’t let that fool you, he’s also a barely competent human. He has lettered comics for companies such as Image Comics, Humanoids, BHP Comics, DC Thomson and many, many more. He writes with long suffering writing partner, Michael Sambrook, for their own publishing line, Madius Comics. Often found shouting madness into the void on twitter or just randomly swearing at the swallows, Rob is an avid wearer of dressing gowns and collects marriages. Follow him on Twitter @RobJonesWrites and at his lettering page, Rob Jones Lettering on Facebook.

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