Allocations for Pokemon TCG products are still ongoing, but we are working hard on gaining additional stock for our loyal customers. With the recent re-opening of our store in Glasgow we are doing our best to provide a fair distribution across our online and retail sales. The Pokémon Company are concentrating all their efforts on printing more stock of upcoming lines. This will mean larger caps for us and more happy customers for these big new releases! To find out more about what products are subject to allocations, please go to the next page for a full breakdown or click here.

Sword and Shield 6: Chilling Reign is still scheduled for release on Friday 18 June and the demand for the new product release has been overwhelming! We will send out details of any allocations as soon as we have delivery confirmation and can be reasonably sure that our expected quantities of stock are arriving in time for launch.

Even with the caps in place for customer orders, some allocations will be necessary. Once we have confirmed restock dates for Wave 2 stock of Chilling Reign, we will fulfil any pre-orders to any customers who have missed the first wave of deliveries.