Fans are in hysterics waiting for the new film ‘Joker’ to release on the 4th of October 2019, Joaquin Phoenix takes on the criminal clowns’ newest face as Arthur Fleck a failed stand-up comedian struggling with a fragile psyche and personal life set in 1981.  The Todd Phillips directed film is expected to revolutionise the ‘super hero’ genre and instead presents us with less action and more analysis.  Here’s why Warner Bros. are playing their cards right.

New Joker, New Prospects

Jared Letto’s Joker was controversial to say the least but even then, some fans have taken a liking to his portrayal; much like with ‘The New Doctor’ or ‘The New Bond’ everyone loves to see how a ‘New Joker’ will do.  From Jack Nicholson to Heath Ledger or Jared Letto to Mark Hamill everyone has a favourite joker and what that joker is and means to them.  This is why fans can’t wait to see what Joaquin Phoenix brings to the table in a film which places the character directly in the centre.  Having accomplished three Oscar nominees and having previously won Grammy awards we can count on a unique experience filled with personal identity to the character and years of experienced, talented acting.

Its an Independent, Standalone Film

Watching a comic movie series can sometimes feel like a rocky relationship; things start off well and before you know it you’re slogging your way through because you’ve put so much time and energy into it and hope that things get back to how they were in the beginning.  However, ‘Joker’ is a standalone film outside of the DCEU with an independent story meaning there are no strings attached to a series though we can’t promise that you won’t be left wanting more.

Fans will be happy to know that they can still have their stable justice league timeline and DC continuity while getting to explore the creative choices and direction of this entirely separate cinematic universe on the side.  ‘Joker’ can make bold, controversial decisions that stray from what we expect of the genre because it allows itself to be free of the current DC timeline and won’t impact any of the current films in the timeline or upset the foundations laid for future releases.

Already Award Winning

‘Joker’ has already received a high amount of praise both from critics and public alike.  The film premiered on the 31st of August at the 76th Venice International Film Festival and managed to bag the festivals highest award The Golden Lion.  Phoenix in particular has also garnered praise for his acting and has already received an award at the Toronto International Film festival.  While there are concerns amongst some critics of the narrative the film sets by portraying a sympathetic view towards a terroristic psychopath the public will have the final laugh on the subject when the film releases on October 4th 2019.

This article has been written by Dean Allardice who is one of our in-store Resident Geeks. You can read more of Dean’s articles here.