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  • Chronicles of Crime: 1400 Board Game
  • Chronicles of Crime: 1400 Board Game

Chronicles of Crime: 1400 Board Game

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Chronicles of Crime: 1400 Board Game


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You are Abelard Lavel, a Knight sworn to protect King Charles VI the beloved in 15th Century Paris. You live in a family mansion, close to the famous Notre Dame Cathedral. Since a young age, you have had strange, prophetic dreams of past violent crimes, but some of which have yet to be committed. Over time, you have learned to use this strange gift to solve cases nobody else can crack, and through this have earned quite a reputation among the people of the City. Now, whenever a mysterious crime has been committed, the city turns to YOU for help.

The new Chronicles of Crime: 1400 standalone game brings back well-known mechanics from the Chronicles of Crime original game, strengthening the successful brand and adding engaging features to excite both new and experienced gamers. Players will take on the criminal underworld of Paris, in a whole new era of crime solving board games.

Suitable for 1-4 Players, 60-90 minutes gameplay



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