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  • Identity Crisis Issue 4
  • Identity Crisis Issue 4

Identity Crisis Issue 4

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Identity Crisis Issue 4


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The most talked-about miniseries of 2004 continues! How could anyone get past the Thanagarian, Martian, Apokoliptian and Kryptonian security systems installed since the murder of a loved one in IDENTITY CRISIS #1? And look out, because new suspects in the serial killings just may start involving the villains' loved ones too!Synopsis (Spoilers inside)The issue begins where the last one left off. Ray Palmer has just arrived at the his beloved ex-wife's house to find her murdered. Just like the killing of the Elongated Man's wife, this one did not leave any clues, except for the knot that the murderer used to kill Jean. A bowline knot with a dutch marine twist. Only Slipknot is known for such use of ropes. The problem is, he is locked up. That does not stop the League from paying him a quick visit. Green Arrow takes off to the Opal City Penitentiary, accompanied by Wonder Woman. As soon as they arrive, Diana uses her golden Lasso of Truth to spill the truth out of the possible murderer. Slipknot then admits that he is not responsible for the killing of Jean.However, the heroes do have another lead. Both Dr. Light and Slipknot were once part of the Suicide Squad. It is possibly a false lead, but, unlike Ollie, Superman claims it's worth checking out the rest of the members of the Squad. Meanwhile in Central City, Captain Boomerang encounters his son after a long time period without seeing each other. At that same moment, in the Batcave, Batman is soon filled in with the news. He also hears that The Justice League will be going after the Suicide Squad. Bruce claims that it's a false lead as suspected by Green Arrow. He says that they wouldn't profit from the killings and only villains who benefit from them should be investigated.Meanwhile, Oliver Queen visits the grave of his deceased friend Hal Jordan. Hal appears as the Spectre and admits that he does know who is responsible for the murders, although that information must not be revealed, not even to his best friend.



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