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  • Justice League of America Issue 15
  • Justice League of America Issue 15

Justice League of America Issue 15

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Justice League of America Issue 15


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It's the brawl of the century, delivered by writer Dwayne McDuffie (Justice League Unlimited) and artists Ed Benes and Sandra Hope, as the Justice League of America takes on the Injustice League in the final chapter of "Unlimited"!Lex Luthor holding a Kryptonite knife in his hands is about to kill an unconcious Superman when all of a sudden his knife turns into a toy knife.Lex turns around to find out it was done by Firestrom.This leads Lex to laugh saying that "you bought Superman 30 additional secounds to live at the cost of the remainder of yours"with the entire Injustice League behind him.Firestrom smiles and reveals that before he helped Superman he slipped Batman a bold point pen.The villains turn around to find the entire Justice League free and ready for battle.Black Canary...



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