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  • Mystery Club Volume 1
  • Mystery Club Volume 1

Mystery Club Volume 1

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Mystery Club Volume 1


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Amy Abnobotchi is known to be the only living human in a world full of animals that have evolved to a human level of intelligence (or, at least some of them have). She lives in a tree house with a renegade scientist named Professor Loco who is her polar-opposite in every way imaginable. They have formed their own club called the Mystery Club for no real reason in particular, but when they go to a festival called the Club Festival strange goings on seem to be afoot. Not long after that, an unusual number of life threatening events seem to be taking place one after another, and finally their club has something worth while to do.

In this world sanity just doesn’t seem to exist, and it’s even difficult to tell if someone is exactly who, or even what, they say they are! Meaning, their true enemies could be closer to them than they think.. with this said...

welcome to the mystery club.....



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