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  • Tamagotchi Glossary Heat Change Mug
  • Tamagotchi Glossary Heat Change Mug

Tamagotchi Glossary Heat Change Mug

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Tamagotchi Glossary Heat Change Mug


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Enjoy your next hot beverage with a whole host of digital friends, with this fun Tamagotchi Heat Change Mug. This mug shows the evolution of the classic Tamagotchi. Once you pour in your hot drink the decal changes from a number of baby Tamagotchi into a series of older critters. The older Tamagotchi feature some of popular favourites including Mametchi, Ginjirotchi, and Tarakotchi. This heat change mug makes an ideal gift for lovers of all things 90s, especially those who owned a Tamagotchi during the toy's heyday. Tamagotchi is a handheld digital pet that was created in Japan by Bandai. Released in the 90s the toy quickly became hugely popular. By the end of the decade and into the early 00s, the Tamagotchi was one of the biggest toy fads of its era. Upon activating the Tamagotchi an egg appears, which then hatches turning into a small digital pet which needs to be cared for. The pet then goes through a series of life cycles, as its owner cares for it through feeding it, playing games with it and cleaning up after it. As of 2017 over 82 million units have been sold, meaning millions of people around the world have spent hours caring for their little digital pets. The Tamagotchi Heat Change Glossary Mug is an officially licensed Tamagotchi product.



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