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  • The Avengers - The Director's Cut Issue 500
  • The Avengers - The Director's Cut Issue 500

The Avengers - The Director's Cut Issue 500

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The Avengers - The Director's Cut Issue 500


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A beautiful day at Avengers Mansion is interrupted when the alarm suddenly goes off. A check of the monitor reveals that the intruder is former Avenger Jack of Hearts who had just died recently. Ant-Man goes out to investigate. He confronts Jack's shambling corpse and asks him how he's still alive. Jack of Hearts can only mutter an apology as he and Avengers Mansion suddenly explode. Jarvis and the Avengers who had remained inside manage to crawl out from the rubble. They search for Ant-Man, but he was not so fortunate. Scott Lang is dead.Meanwhile, Tony Stark- the US Secretary of Defense- is giving a speech to the UN. He starts to stammer and sweat. He becomes very aggressive and insults the Latverian ambassador. Yellowjacket and T'Challa try to stop him, but he becomes even more aggressive and nearly fires at the ambassador from Latveria. He finally leaves the podium, and begins to regain some semblance of normalcy. The Scarlet Witch comes up to him and asks him what happened. He tells her that he thinks he's drunk, but he swears that he hasn't had anything to drink. Suddenly, they get a Code White from Avengers Mansion.Back at what's left of the mansion, Captain America berates a young soldier for speaking down to Jarvis. Jarvis attempts to explain what happened, when they see an Avengers Quinjet in the sky. They notice that it's coming in pretty fast, and Cap manages to see Vision in the cockpit. Before anyone can react, the Quinjet crashes into the disaster area. The Vision exits the smoldering crash and makes cryptic remarks about the team has failed and that they're about to be punished. He apologizes and opens his mouth wide. Several metallic spheres come shooting from his gaping cavity; Captain America shouts for everyone to fall back. Each sphere morphs into a killer Ultron android. The Avengers battle the robots while they try to figure out why all of this is happening. As they manage to defeat the Ultrons, She-Hulk begins to go berserk



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